Frequent questions​

  • National and International Distribution
  • Inventory Management 
  • Warehousing system
  • Distribution in Supermarkets, Department Stores, Pharmacies, etc.
  • Withdrawals and home deliveries
  • Withdrawal and deliveries to commercial offices
  • We do not have packing service at the time of pick up. This must be done directly by the customer, so the correct packing and in case of possible damage, it will not be our company’s responsibility.
  • Only in Blue Express commercial offices (Matta/Bulnes/Portugal, Santiago) there are different types of packaging available for sale: 5 kg. boxes, American envelopes, legal envelopes, filmic envelopes, bullpacks, plastic bags (8,5×13″).
  • Jewels or valued
  • Caskets
  • Live animals
  • Money
  • Foods requiring refrigeration

Blue Express uses the necessary means to comply with the contracted services, whether by air, land or sea.

Use our Online Quoter. You can also use our Blue Envíos Shipping Portal.

If you shipped through us and the cargo was damaged or lost, remember that we have an insurance that covers up to 17UF (unidades de fomento) per package for new products. 
We also have an additional insurance that you can contract, if you want to insure the total value. For more information you can consult your commercial assistant.

If you are a company you can make the claim directly from the Customer Portal within a maximum period of 14 days.
If you are an entrepreneur or SME and you ship through Blue Envío (Shipping Portal) you can upload the claim through our Shipping Portal.

If you are an individual, you can contact our whatsapp +56979428853 and/or contact the store where you made your purchase.

You can fill out our Business form. Please note that you must meet certain minimum requirements, including 1,000 or more shipments per month.

These are the most relevant events in the life of a service order that indicate sequentially in time the movement of an order from its creation to its successful delivery. At Blue Express we report four macro states:

In Preparation: Corresponds to the stage from the creation of the Service Order and all the internal processes of the sender until the order is ready and available to be picked up by Blue Express.
Pickup: Corresponds to the stage from the time the order is picked up by Blue Express and all internal Blue Express processes of classification and routing until the moment prior to the departure to the route to be delivered.
In Route: Corresponds to the stage from the time the order leaves the route to be delivered until a successful delivery.
Delivered: Corresponds to the final stage of the service where the order was successfully delivered to the recipient.

“To be solved”: We had a problem with delivery data (address, contact phone, etc.).
“Service breakdown solved”: Inconvenience with delivery data solved.
“Waiting in warehouse for return”: We had a problem with the delivery, contact us.
“Router transfer”: Your order will be delivered in the next hours.
“Sender”: is the company where you made the purchase.
“Arrived”: The order has arrived at the destination base and is about to leave for the final destination.
“Envelope”: a small size order such as a book, documents, among others.

Monday to Friday from 8:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

Saturday from 8:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs.


Don’t worry, your order will be delivered again within 24 to 48 business hours.

We will come to your home 3 times.

You can contact us at our WhatsApp by selecting the Whatsapp icon on our website or talk to us directly at our WhatsApp +56 9 794 288 53

You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7:30 pm

Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1 pm. Sunday and holidays we do not attend.

If you are a company, you can do it directly from the Customer Portal.

If you are an individual, you must contact the store where you made your purchase.

If you are an entrepreneur or SME and you ship through Blue Envío, you can upload your claim through our Shipping Portal.

If you are a company, contact your assigned sales assistant.

If you are an entrepreneur or SME, use our Online Quoter. You can also use our Shipping Portal.

Enter our Shipping Portal to quote a shipment with us and review the step-by-step at

We have 99% nationwide (Chile) coverage. Use our Quote Request Form to know the value of the shipment.

These are stores that have a partnership with Blue Express. In them, you can send and/or receive packages near your home or place of convenience. To find out where they are located, go to Blue Express Points.
If you want your business to become a Blue Express Point, fill out the form in Partnership.

In the case of Entrepreneurs, SMEs and individuals, you can send products up to 16 kg., with a maximum of 60 cm. per edge.

You can pick up your order within a maximum of 8 working days, otherwise your order will be returned to the store where you made your purchase.

We have an online support team through the WhatsApp channel (number +569 7942 8853) to help you with whatever you need.