Compliance Program

At Blue Express S.A. we take pride in fulfilling our tasks always keeping in mind our main values. This means our everyday activities always strive to comply with our cultural building blocks: “We’re passionate about our customers”, “we’re efficient”, “We value teamwork”, “We behave like business owners”

We promote Blue Express’ values through the incorporation of good practices in all of our business practices.

Reporting Channel
Our Reporting Channel allows the denouncement of behaviors that constitute violations of the Law N° 20.393

Policies and Procedures
Our policies and procedures are an essential part of our business. Together they set a roadmap for our everyday operations. They ensure the compliance of laws and regulations, set parameters for decision making and simplify our internal processes.
Crime Prevention Model
This document sets guidelines about crime prevention related to Law N° 20.393 across all activities and processes conducted by Blue Express.
Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics is the document that oversees our conduct as collaborators of Blue Express according to the business’ values, general principles and expected behavior. This Code applies to Blue Express and all its subsidiaries.


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