Additional Services

Collection on delivery (COD)

It consists of charging the amount indicated by the customer in the service order at the time of delivery to the recipient. Subsequently, said collection is rendered to the client. This service is commonly used in direct sales channels. There is the possibility of collecting in cash with a limit of $ 150,000 or by check. The customer is the one who previously defines the payment method.

Return of documents (DD)

Complementary service for the return of documents to the sender (invoices signed by the receiver or other documents). To obtain this service, the service order must be marked in the corresponding box and the documents that must be returned must be referenced.

Personalized service to the client

We have a first-rate team to attend and satisfy the daily needs of your business.

Distribution in supermarkets and department stores

We lead the delivery of your products in the different retails on specific days and time and with a special treatment for each delivery.

Dangerous goods transport

Find out a little more about the transport restrictions on Dangerous Goods.