International Courier

Blue Express is the fastest way between your dispatches and the international markets, door to door to any city in the world. Delivering all kinds of documents, envelopes, suitcases and express parcels.

Our technology allows us to track the entire dispatch and distribution journey.

You can have detailed information on the status of dispatch, including delivery confirmation with date, time and name of who received at destination (POD). In order to that, all you have to do is to make an on-line tracking in the international tracking option.

Personalized attention
Timely delivery of sendings
Courier express and import services
Servicio Courier Express Export & Import

International services

(Exportation and importation)
Air charge
(Freight Forwarder)
Door to door Express distribution
Express charge
(door to door)
Additional services


FSC Blue Express
(Fuel Surcharge)

Blue Express Exchange Rate will be the value of the dollar observed on the last business day of the month + 2.3% per dollar, current values since January 1, 2018

This method relates the adjustment of the international freight value for fuel to the prevailing market price for jet fuel. The index entered accurately reflects this unpredictable and substantial cost. The fuel surcharge is subject to monthly variation and must be reviewed periodically or for fuel is subject to monthly variation and must be periodically reviewed.